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The first cycle of seminars


"Be a Replaycer -Replay Myself"Athena


New Course September 2020 - July 2021:

Course 1: 16&23 September 2020

Course 2 : 07&21 October

Course 3 : 04&18 November

Course 4 : December 02&16

Course 5:13&27 January 2021

Course 6 : February 10&24 

Course 7 : March 10&24

Course 8 : 07&21 April

Course 9 : 12 & 26 May

Course 10: 09&23 June

Course 11:07 & July 21




"Be a Replaycer -Replay Myself"Athena


 Cycle of Studies October 2019 - September 2020:

Course 1 : October 7&21

Course 2 : November 4&25

Course 3 : December 9&23

Course 4 : 6&20 January 2020

Course 5 :10&24 February

Course 6 : March 9&23

Course 7 : April 13&27

Course 8 : 11&25 May

Course 9 : June 1&22

Course 10: 6&20 July

Course 11:05&06 September

"Be a Replaycer -Replay Myself"Thessaloniki

New study cycle 4 three days:

18-19-20 October 2019

December 29-30-31

24-25-26 January 2020

February 21-22-23 


Course October 2019 - July 2020:

Bearing in mind that Replayce is not just an alternative form of exercise but an all-round development  on the 4 Bases  of human existence

(Energy, Mind, Emotion, Body) and a philosophy of life, the seminars aim to get the person to know himself at such a level so that he can more effectively deal with the influences from his environment and_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to practice his own unique self-address.

At Replayce we believe that nothing is accidental and that each person has come with a unique mission to manifest.


Based on the principle that "you can't inspire something in those around you, if you don't become a source of inspiration yourself", the seminars aim at a deep acquaintance with ourselves, our feelings and also our registrations from our environment.

The seminar is addressed to all parents, teachers, therapists and those who believe that "You can't change the things around you if you don't change them inside you"

Specifically in the seminar we work and understand

Energy Base 

Experiments and workshops that will confirm to you that there are fields beyond what you perceive. The Quantum physics in understanding that you are much more than you imagine.

Your photons. What are you emitting...

Mental Basis

How we think, how the brain works,

consciousness and unconsciousness.

The power of the Word within us and around us. The power of positive affirmations and the resonance in our cells.

Learn how to...

Emotional Base 

Research and the results that are created when we are in contact with positive emotions. How we resist joy and how we find it.

Learn how to...

Physical Base


The strongest Follower of the remaining 3 bases.

The interaction with the other 3 bases..

You create your reality .. in the way you broadcast, think, feel and move.

Diseases, pains, are the result of the interaction of our 4 bases.

Learn how to...

The interaction of the 4 bases is great.. But how can we create changes if we don't know our unique_bases? Let's learn how to create a positive reality for ourselves.

Feel the appropriateness and with pleasure we are waiting for you. 

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