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Replayce Joy 4 Adults

How would it feel if we could connect more with our inner field, train the way we think, feel love, joy and gratitude through the emotional game and most importantly exercise our body correctly and completely, for an hour and a half twice a week.


Our lives are habits and exercising through the joy of play and positive statements will create new positive habits for we focus on our infinite potential and speak positively to ourselves.


In each lesson we will train ourselves on 4 levels making us a master in one trait. During the year we will train 21 positive traits with the intention of becoming a Master in each one of them.


By training the Body we will activate traits such as Confidence, Courage, Joy, Agility, Abundance, and Truth.


The courses are self-contained and are intended to strengthen us internally and externally by focusing our attention on the good that we bring.


You can attend one class at a time (each course is self-contained) or with a monthly subscription.

You can download the participation application for the children's sections, fill it out and send it to us at

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