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Replayce Parkinson


The Replayce program  Parkinson 

created by Replayce  teamled by Errika Prezerakou in 2012. 

Piloted in February 2013 and was provided free of charge to Parkinson's patients for 6 months. 

















The program was structured in a parallel training of 4 bases (body, emotion, intellect, spirit) since they interact with each other.


It is important that patients experience 

parallel training for:


Body: The benefits are proven

of physical exercise in Parkinson's patients, 

practicing traits like balance, 

the rhythm, awareness through movement.

After all, the key to our freedom

is to be present in our body.


Emotion: Positive emotions help sadness 

or depression as symptoms of the disease. 

Our DNA is more "open" and receptive to positive changes, 

when we feel joy, when we laugh and when we are liberated.


Understanding: Our thoughts play a decisive role in our lives.

Giving positive direction to my thinking

allows me to live more relaxed. 

The fear and anguish of thoughts 

that a patient may need 

to be reframed with positive thoughts about him and his life.


Energy: It is certain that in life

everything that happens to us has an appropriateness. 

Parkinson's patients are important 

to deeply feel their existence, 

to trust and co-create 

the most enlightened life they can.


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"Patients with Parkinson's disease they have both motor and non-motor symptoms. 


Replayce method embraces all sides the issues of the disease with the intention of caring, encouraging and empowering all those in need" says Errika Prezerakou characteristically.


The measurements of the patients and their monitoring in the Replayce program are done by the team of the specialist Neurologist and president of Parkinson Care Panagiotis Zikos.

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