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The "Become a Replaycer" seminars are aimed at people who want to get to know their 4 Bases in depth, in order to co-create a Positive reality.

All solutions and answers are within us.

Each of us has an electromagnetic field

approximately 60 cm around his physical body,consisting of photons.Quantum physics notes that each of us emitsin waves all that he loves and all that he fears...

Each of us thinks about 50,000 thoughts every day, of which 35,000 tend to be negative.

Our brain also needs practice, since where we focus it gets bigger.

​More and more research proves that when we are in contact with positive emotions we assimilate information faster and our DNA is more open and receptive to being Healthy.

Our body is the most faithful follower of our emotions and expresses the balances and imbalances of the 3 invisible Bases! Replayce research has proven that when we Broadcast, Think and Feel Positive...

our body does Miracles!


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