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Corporate Programs

Connect the people of your company through unexpected surprises!


A day completely different from the others with the intention of laughing, connecting, eating and unwinding.

A day that will make you forget about everyday life and redefine the way you see your colleagues.


A pillow fight is just one of the actions that will bring you closer to sharing, opening up to the people you spend many hours with, but for the "musts" of the office. A day full of laughter, surprises and connection.

"Replayce is an awakening. It helps you discover the limitless source of energy within you"

Agenda of programs:


Replayce 4 Training (Joy)

A weekly program to build positive habits and empower yourself internally and externally through joy, laughter and play.

Be a Replaycer

Speeches and self-knowledge seminars by the creator of Replayce Education, Errika Prezerakou, with the aim of individual and group development.


Brain Storming

The space can be made available to the company exclusively, for meetings, speeches, meetings.

Option to choose Replayce program or catering.

Team Building

A unique event aimed at the needs of the entire company or a part of it. Option to empower 11 positive features and catering.


Replayce 4Fun

 A fun program for the whole team, with the aim of individual relaxation from everyday life and group connection through the game.

X-mas Event

A Fun program

for the company's families. Christmas events, New Year's pie cutting and International days.

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