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Become a Replaycer

New Become a Replaycer Training Cycle
Level 1 | Replayce Myself
11 Live & Online Meetings with Errika Prezerakou
Each one of us is a source of Energy that is "hosted" in our body. But inside our body we have two great tools, the mind and the heart!

The Replayce Method recognizes and supports that we have 4 Fields that interact and create our reality: the Spiritual Field (how we emit), the Mental Field (how we think), the Emotional Field (how we feel), and the Physical Field (how we move).
The 11 lessons of Replayce Myself are the first level of Become A Replaycer and are the first stage of a journey of deep understanding of the 4 Fields.

Change starts from within us!

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11 Online Courses that help us understand our 4 fields!

Contents of each Section

1st Meeting - Wholeness or Duality 


  • Replayce training

  • In Replaycer action

  • Who-are you? To what level do you recognize yourself?

  • 4 fields: Energy – Thought – Emotion – Body

  • We are much more than we imagine. Let's connect!

  • Our inner teacher, path to our mission

  • The game of duality

  • Restrictive road from the inside

  • The obstacle you have as a registration when you go to achieve your goal

2nd Meeting – Selfie Replaycer 

  • Pure intention

  • The connection to the universal field

  • Theaters of energy interdependencies

  • Universal Man

  • Inner peace regardless of external conditions

  • External stimuli teach our inner truth

  • Our connection to our 4 fields

  • The interaction of the 4 fields in the reality we create

3rd Meeting – The First Field | Energy

  • Our soul in the 3rd dimension

  • The human soul and its fields

  • Electromagnetic field

  • Frequency – vibration

  • Co-creating reality

  • The beginning of the Replayce cycle

  • Experiments with connecting to our energy

  • I broadcast what I love and what I fear

  • The power of vision

  • Energy Field Training

5th Meeting - The Third Field | Emotional

  • The recording of reality on Earth, through emotions

  • No thought is meaningful if it does not serve love

  • The heart materializes before our eyes see it

  • Expectation VS Intention

  • Emotional coherence

  • Connecting with our emotional brain

  • Positive feelings

  • Emotional Field Training

7th Meeting – Co-creative Circle

  • The 3 levels of co-creation.

  • The 4 steps of co-creation.

  • The interaction of 4

  • Faith, trust and courage to support me

  • Here and now in a linear time

  • Pure intention as a tool for implementation

  • Is the goal wishful thinking?

4th Meeting – The Second Field | Mental

  • Brain function

  • The power of speech

  • Our senses enter

  • How the mind perceives reality

  • Internal and external direction

  • Creating a reality

  • Don't believe the words of the mind

  • The power of the Mind and its weakness

  • Everything I focus on is magnified

  • Mental Field Training

6th Meeting – The Fourth Field | Physical

  • The body and its functions

  • Movement of water in the body

  • Blood and Chi in operation flow

  • The body expresses the complaints of the soul

  • Psychosomatic map

  • Body confidence

  • Retrieving memories in biology

  • The effect of the 3 invisible fields on the body

  • Movement with awareness

  • Physical Field Training

8th Meeting – First we Playce it, then we Replayce it:

  • Techniques of emergence of our records

  • First we play it

  • The 4 fields in Playce it

  • Redefining techniques

  • Then we Replay it

  • New synapses, new realities

9th Meeting – Contact:

  • 3 levels of communication

  • Replayce Energy

  • Replayce Thoughts

  • Replayce Words

  • Replayce Emotions

  • Replayce Movement

10th Meeting – Replayce Course Stages

  • Observation

  • The external stimulus becomes knowledge

  • Welcome Letter

  • Coordination

  • Meditation

  • Power of speech

  • Heart connection

  • Movement with awareness

11th Meeting – Become a Replaycer

  • Replaycer: 4 Fields Trainer

  • I observe without judging

  • Experience, the only way to teach

  • My talents

  • Practice Replayce it

  • Internal promise of 111 days in 4 Fields

  • My own inner meditation

  • Movement with intention

Single Meeting

€80 / meeting



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Ability of remote monitoring

Ask us about the special price for registered Replayce members

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