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Training Replayce | Energy, Mind, Emotion, Body

I radiate positivity

I practice healing visualization


Each of us is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which extends to about 60 centimeters around our physical body and is made up of photons.

Quantum physics notes that each of us emits in waves what we love and what we fear...

The goal of Replayce is through visualization, to connect with our energy and the divine field within, to radiate what we love.

The environment always responds to what we emit.

Let's radiate positivity!

Think positive


I train empowering logos


Each of us has about 60,000 thoughts every day, of which 35,000 tend to be negative.

Our brain also needs practice, as wherever we focus, that point is magnified...

Replayce training teaches us to focus on our abilities and talents, through the power of speech and specific actions.

Our thoughts vibrate and create a reality...

Let it be positive!

I feel positive


I train my Gratitude, Happiness, and Love


More and more research is proving that people who are in touch with positive emotions have DNA that is more open and receptive to being healthy. At the same time, our children absorb information much faster when it is given through play and the joy play offers.

Our intention is for you to tune in to joy and laughter to become a positive habit that will lead you to a happier life!

I move Consciously

I train my body to face what is happening Now

Our body is a faithful follower of our emotion, with unique   capabilities – as long as we have faith in them.

Replayce training is guided by the body, with which each of us experiences and trains the remaining 3 internal fields (Energy, Mind, Emotion). Our body is what teaches us to stand positively in life.

Replayce's research has proven that when

We think, feel and exist positively…

...Our body works wonders!


We learn with the guidance of the Body, that our Thoughts, Words, Emotions and Actions create our reality!




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