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Replayce workout creator, 

Errika Prezerakou tells us:

"In 2004, just before the Olympic games, I had a serious injury. With my leg in a cast, I had to continue training, as I wanted to continue my athletic journey.

My rational mind said I "must" keep going because I have tourmaments to win.

My emotional part sadly said "I don't want, I'm sad".

I noticed that my body did not follow my rational mind, but my emotion, which was heavy, languid, tired, expressing my feelings in its own way.

My inner truth.

I believed that with such sadness I will not engage in pole vaulting again.

I began to listen and take care of my emotion, in order to accept its needs, with the intention of feeling better.

Through visualization, positive statements and joy-filled self-care actions, I began to "train" Body, Energy, Thoughts and Emotions simultaneously.


​Until in 2007 I returned to indoor track and field, winning the Panhellenic and Balkan championships!

Moments of immense joy, not because of the track result - after all, pole vaulting has always been a journey for me and not my mission - but because of how much I had discovered through it. 

There I realized the fact that I had created new positive habits in my 4 fields (Energy, Mind, Emotions, Body) had reminded me again... Everything that I am."

The only training that simultaneously and consciously trains the modern man in a positive direction 

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