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General Information for Replayce training

Each Replayce workout lasts an hour and a half.

The goal is to strengthen one of our positive features in our 4 bases. e.g. Gratitude, Balance.

How we work with the 4 bases:

Energy Base:

As children, we may not have learned to connect with our inner field, but now may be the opportunity for this training to teach us exactly that. Through healing meditation we train our connection with our inner wisdom.

Mental Basis:

Our spirit has power. We train positive intentions through movement so as for it to become a daily experience in our cells. With positive speech I create a better reality.

Emotional Base:

Playful experiential training helps us connect with positive emotions.

Joy and gratitude support our potential and our mental health and this manifests in the body as well.

Physical Base:

The foundations of Joy training come from sports (speed jumps, throws, Badminton, etc.) which have been harmonized into games and movement with awareness.

We release emotional burdens that have become physical. 

Replayce training, in a carefree way teaches us new positive habits.

Energetically, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically we re-remember everything we are...

22 positive traits this year will take us on a journey to our potential

And we deserve it...


You can participate in classes one at a time (each lesson is self-contained) or with a monthly subscription.

Start with Replayce Training!

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