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Replayce Compassion Summer Camp 2024

Replayce's Summer Camp 2022 innovates once again. The goal of Summer Camp is for children to learn about themselves internally through their bodies.
Using techniques of 12 Olympic Sports, 8 arts & crafts and experiments, our children will have the opportunity to learn the world around them every day and to connect it with their inner world  in the most creative way
More specifically :

Within each week, there will be days where our children will receive experiences, information and knowledge from categories such as mathematics, environment, astronomy, mythology, hug my city, the 5 continents, recycling  etc. a.

Let's emphasize that the program is physical. 

The empowerment of the 4 levels we mentioned above, as well as all the training and all kinds of information, is received experientially

For example on Mythology day there is a goal for each age group.

For example, let's learn the 12 Gods of Olympus and their symbols. This will be done through motor actions using 12 Olympic Sports, singing, dancing, strengthening games, memory games  etc. All will have the intention at the end of the day that the children have experienced knowledge with all possible ways internally.

This year, we will be happy to proceed with the use of the Swimming Pool and Beach Volleyball as in previous years, offering our children a variety of activities.

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