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What will I experience differently if I choose the Replayce method as training?

First you will understand your 3 bases (Energy, Thought, Feeling) and how strongly they interact with the 4th... your Body..

You will learn in a very pleasant way how to move, think, feel and radiate positively. It is the only method that teaches you to create through body movement new positive habits in your remaining 3 bases.

Will I see a difference in my body?

The Replayce program is a very structured training program. The interesting thing is to understand that, the more rested our feeling becomes, the more positive we think and support ourselves, the more our body meets the training requirements of the program!

Will I see a difference in the way I think?

Learning to be in the Here and Now Replayce will teach you to empower your thoughts through positive statements as well as Brain Gym games to strengthen memory and mind-body connection

Will I see a difference in the way I feel?

For an hour and a half you will have the feeling that you are playing, but this will simply be the way to unlock the rest of your bases and to feel more carefree emotionally and to experience your everyday life with greater joy!

Will my environment feel my change?

You are energy that emits and radiates like waves ..what you love and what you fear. As you will start to take good care of you in your 4 bases through the courses of course and this will spread to all levels...

Calm, peace, joy... everyone around you will feel the change because you will feel it first!

Will I release pounds with the Replayce method?

There are our students who have released 18-21 kg in a year. The interesting thing is that they understood better that these kilos were "emotional weight" that once released had an immediate response in their body as well.

When do the registrations take place?

Registrations are made from September 1 of each year, however, if the number of students already registered allows, registrations can be made throughout the year.

Can I watch the program only once a week?

It is possible to attend once a week, since each lesson is self-contained in relation to the ability to practice, however if we want to have the desired results and a complete training, we would suggest you to attend the lesson 2 times a week.



What do I need to bring with me for the course?

First you need to think of a favorite hero, since in the lesson we free ourselves from our social identity and use a nickname. Because we have freedom of movement during the course, it would be good to wear comfortable clothes and have a bottle of water with you.


How long does the course last?

The Joy, Trust and Smooth classes give you 1.5 hours of positive training.



Can I attend a course on a trial basis?

Of course, at Replayce we provide you with the possibility to attend a course for free, after consultation with the instructors/Replaycers.

If I have never worked out before, can I join a program?

The program is structured in such a way that everyone can follow it by putting the energy available to them at that moment, even if they have never exercised before.

How much time before the lesson would it be good for me to come?

In order for Replayce's course schedule to run smoothly, it would be a good idea to be in the waiting area 5 to 10 minutes before the course starts.

Is there a 3-month and 6-month subscription?

There are 3-month and 6-month subscriptions with offers that you can inquire about from the Replayce secretariat on 210 2725101.

Why are you urging me to watch an entire year of Replayce Adults?

The course program is structured so that at the end of the year you will have strengthened 22 positive traits in your 4 bases, more simply both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Why does the Trust program assume the Joy program?

It has a very specific reason. It is necessary in the first year to create a neurocorrelation that in the Replayce area everything is fun and a game, therefore easy, so that in the second year when the program is very powerful, the participant feels that everything is easy because it is a game.

What does upgrade mean?

If the trainers/Replaycers find that you are physically, mentally, mentally and spiritually ready, they will promote you to the department that best suits your potential even during the year.

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