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For my child's sports education.

Why should I choose Replayce Training for my child's sports training?

At Replayce we believe that children between the ages of 3-9 are "sponges" of information and it is a unique opportunity to come into full contact with 12 Olympic Games, which will develop theory and practice year after year.

What age groups are there for children?

Children from 2.30-3 years old (PreJunior), 3-5 years old (Junior), 5-7 years old (Sports) and 8-12 years old (Athletes) participate in our programs. The age groups were created in such a way that neuromuscularly they can cope evolutionarily, in the theory and practice of the competitions.

 How many  Replaycer - (trainers) does each department have?

The PreJunior, Junior and Sports divisions have 2 Replaycers on the course while the Talents division has a Replaycer. The reason we have chosen the course to have 2 Replaycers is to be sure that we have ensured that each of our little athletes will "join" slowly and according to their own self-direction and self-balance in the course.

Where are the courses held?

The courses take place  in the specially designed space of Replayce  600 sq.m. indoor air-conditioned area covered with a special carpet and 200 sq.m. outdoor shaded area with lawn. this way we ensure when the conditions allow to train our young athletes in events such as field hockey in its real conditions.

How many children are in each section?

In each section, registered students can reach 22. (11 children in each Replaycer)



When are the registrations for the children's classes?

Registration for children's classes starts on August 22. However, if the number of children already registered in the department allows, registrations can be made throughout the academic year at the start of one of the 12 Olympic Sports. The registration is one-time and the membership is  3 months and is renewed quarterly.



Every year the children do the same 12 Olympic Games;

Yes, and there is a reason for that. The children are introduced to each sport for a month every year and develop it in theory and practice year after year. This is how they train from all sides.

The most important thing, however, is that they consistently assimilate and invest time after time in their previous knowledge  in theory and practice competitions.

Through a year of training in the 12 Olympic sports with Replayce Training, will I be able to understand my child's potential inclination?

Through training children in 12 Olympic sports, Replaycers have the ability to observe each child's inclinations and talents and steer parents in the direction that suits each child. This becomes even clearer at three years old and after they have completed their 7th year of age.


Can my child attend a course on a trial basis?

Of course, you can have your child attend a free Replayce 12 Olympic Sports course by contacting the secretariat (2102725101,



Can my child attend the program only once a week?

Yes, the Olympic Kids program is structured in such a way that a child can attend only one lesson per week. However, in this caseIn order to be able to provide a comprehensive training of the 12 Olympic sports in all 4 bases we would recommend attending 2 lessons per week.

What does my child need to have with him?

It would be good for children to wear comfortable sports clothes and sports shoes, as well as socks. In addition, in order to promote healthy habits in general, we would encourage the children to have a bottle of water and a fruit with them for after their training.

Can I, as a parent, be in the room during the lesson?

In order to ensure the smooth running of the lesson and wanting to help our children focus on what they are doing, we have set up a waiting area for parents from which they can watch the lesson themselves. Through our years of experience, we have seen that children function very differently when parents are present and very differently when they develop independently within the group and with the guidance of Replaycers. And we are very happy that the parents respond and help us to help their children.

How much time before the lesson would it be good for me to come?

In order to ensure the course schedule runs smoothly, we would ask that you be in the waiting area 5 to 10 minutes early.

Can I stop my membership during the year and resume at another time in the future?

Of course, you can stop your membership at any time and resume at another time in the future, as long as the number of currently registered students allows.



If for any reason I am unable to bring my child on the day and time of his lesson, can I bring him to attend the program of his age but at another time and day?

For the balance of the number of children per section, this can only be done after consultation with the Replaycers.

Can my child change department during the year?

Changes in sections during the year can be made after agreement with the trainers/Replaycers.

If my child has a history of mental, mental or physical illness is it good to inform the trainers?

The more information the Trainers/Replaycers have about your child, the better they will be able to care for and support them on all 4 bases.

If I have two sibling children of similar ages, can I have them in the same department?

If the ages of your children fall in both of the established age groups, the siblings can attend the same section.

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